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SK bevel gear-helical gear reducer


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Product Name

SK bevel gear-helical gear reducer

Product Detail

Four features of S4 products:

Strong High Strength: Has a torque rating above market standards.
Silent low noise: unique tooth design and tooth surface finishing.
Standard Modular: Optimized design of components, convenient installation of the entire unit.
Smart Easy selection: diversified selection and flexible assembly and delivery.


S4 Reducer Description:

Gear: The helical helical gear adopts the DIN standard and has a long tooth design. The tooth surface is made of carburizing and quenching heat treatment process, and the imported CNC grinding machine is refined and ground.
Body: The GG20 standard pearlite grey cast iron is used, and the internal and external structures are enhanced.
Axis: It is made of high-quality alloy steel and quenched and tempered.
Bearing: Adopting internationally renowned brands such as SKF, FAG, NSK, etc., it fully satisfies the situation of large cantilever load at the output shaft and input shaft end.
Oil seal: With imported brands such as NOK and SOG, you can choose a double seal with a dust seal on the outer seal.
Lubrication: The gears and bearings are splash-lubricated with oil grooves and the output shaft ends are permanently greased.
Efficiency: Single-stage gear transmission efficiency can reach more than 98%.


S4 Motor Description:

Structure: Geared motors with FUNO integrated motors up to 45 kW (pinion gears mounted directly on the motor shaft). The universal motor mounting connector (input U-connector) can be fitted with a standard B5 IEC motor.
Body: The body of size 132 and below is an aluminum alloy standard, and the specification of 160 or more is a standard cast iron body.
Protection: IP55, if required, provides a higher level of protection.
Insulation: Class F insulation is used for working environments up to 95% relative humidity.
Energy efficiency rating: FUNO integrated motors meet the GB18613-2006 standard level 3 energy efficiency rating.
Type: It is equipped with various special requirements motors such as brake, frequency conversion and explosion protection.

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